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Possession, the 1981 horror drama film directed by Andrzej Zulawski, does not have an official video game. Obviously, of course. This minigame could be the official PC adaptation featuring CGA graphics if someone dared to do such a crazy thing.

I intended to create a video game in the shortest time possible and took inspiration from the movie I watched the day before. It took me exactly 12 hours to draw the sprites, program the game (I used GameMaker Studio), and create the music and sound effects. So here's the result of my self-challenged mini game jam.

I have used GameMaker Studio and coded all the internal logic using GML. The last time I did anything with this tool was ten years ago, so I've had to re-learn as I went.

Main features:

  • Low-Res CGA graphics like it's 1984!
  • Control Mark as he tries to keep his sanity in the subway tunnel!
  • Get the highest score by defeating Anna and the tentacled creature!

Could this nonsense become more than just a prototype? Time will tell!

PD: I've explained all the process making it here (Spanish) https://metaludica.com/crear-videojuego-12-horas/



Install instructions

Unzip the game and run Possession.exe

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